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Bring your ideas to life with stories that stick.

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They're all in one room. You've got one shot. Will your presentation create, change and reinforce beliefs?

Are you prepared to deliver the most powerful story they've ever heard?

Presentation training

Step Up Your Presentation Skills

The Campfire Method® Workshop is how leaders learn the new standards in storytelling.

Present Like a Pro

Need a spark? Explore our presentation training resources to start selling with stories, not slides.


Case Stories

Activision's North and Latin American sales teams deliver more meaningful business results and stronger alignment as a team by embracing storytelling.

Activision Workshop

"The workshop was Amazing! The team really enjoyed the experience and found the training very practical and useful."

– Marcelo Teracini

General Manager

Fuel the Fire

Visit our blog, Kindling, and get insights for how to take your presentations to the next level.

  • [PODCAST] The Secret to Stories That Stick

    Ideas have been transferred from one person to another since the beginning of time. But the ideas that really take hold are the ones framed by stories.

  • 10 Things to Try Instead of Slides

    We can't help it. We do decks because it's the convention, and because it feels better than going against the grain. But when's the last time you really nailed it because of the quality of your slides? And are you sure that's what deserves the credit?At GatherRound, we see the deck as a last […]

  • 7 Signs of Deck Addiction

    Let's just come right out with it, shall we? Corporate cultures can cloud our judgment and cause us to develop behaviors we wouldn't otherwise endorse. Behaviors become habits, and the next thing we know, we're preparing a PowerPoint to request vacation days.Sheesh.It's nothing to be ashamed of. […]

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