What is it like to attend

THE Campfire Method® 

presentation skills workshop?

Interactive. Engaging. Devoid of Slides.

At your Campfire Method® Workshop, your team will take the reins on their own professional development and learn how to craft stories that stick.

Below is the baseline curriculum of a presentation skills workshop. We'll customize it to meet your team's presentation context and cadence.

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(or 2 x 1/2 days)


I Understand My Audience

Persona Development

I’ve Crafted My Story

The Science of Storytelling

Presentation Outline Development

Benefit Shaping Exercise

Quantifying The Value of Ideas

Story Structuring

2 Frameworks 3 Frameworks

Data Visualization Toolkit

Follow-Up Discussion

1x 1-hour call

I Understand Myself

Self Evaluations

Independent Guided in Workshop

Delivery Evaluations

Live in Workshop Video in Workshop

Peer Evaluations

Independent Guided in Workshop

I Understand My Environment

Environmental Influences

Pre/During/Post Brainstorm

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After a Campfire Method® Workshop, you'll never look at presentations the same.