Learn the secrets to making effective presentations

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Explore our presentation resources to start selling with stories, not slides.

PowerPoint Alternatives

A deck is a medium. But a presentation is an event. We’re not saying all PowerPoints are evil, but the information you’re delivering probably deserves a story instead of a slide.


Know Your Audience

Your audience’s time is sacred. The only way to make your presentation worthwhile for them is to gain a preemptive understanding of their core desires and outcomes.

Storytelling Techniques

To present is a privilege, not a chore. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Telling a powerful story means moving the audience to imagine a better world, thanks to your idea.

Persuade with Presence

Everyone has a presentation style. Even you. And uncovering those individual communication strengths is critical to developing the qualities a captivating presenter possesses.


Leverage Your Environment

The space sets the tone. Even a stellar story can be eclipsed by a distracting environment. How will you reinforce your message by taking advantage of everything that isn't you?