The Campfire Method®

Embrace Storytelling and Improve Your Team’s Presentation Skills

What We'll Do Together

The Campfire Method® Workshop gives your team the tools to be powerful storytellers. The curriculum is organized around four criteria:
Your Story
Your Story

Craft a narrative that unfolds as a dramatic journey along familiar patterns.

Your Audience
Your Audience

Develop a deep understanding so you can move them emotionally.

Your Environment
Your Environment

Learn to leverage everything that isn't you to reinforce your story.


Evaluating your persuasive presence helps you capitalize on your strengths.

We'll tailor a one- or two-day session to reach these outcomes for you and your team.

Ready to Step Up to Storytelling?

When you improve your presentation skills, you:

  • Gain buy-in for your important initiatives.
  • Grow as a leader.
  • Alleviate dependence on "decks."
  • Transform your work with persuasive storytelling.

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After a Campfire Workshop®, you'll never look at presentations the same.