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It's an Idea Economy

As a leader, that means you have three responsibilities to ideas:


Having Ideas

You need to be the source of original ideas that lead to progress in your business.

presentation skills training

Making Ideas Happen

It's your responsibility to ensure your ideas are executed, often flawlessly.


Selling Ideas

Presentations are the air you breathe in business, but the ability to convince others of the value of your ideas seems the preserve of a lucky few.

Your Ideas are Powerful

But Ideas that Aren't Sold… Aren't Made
You have great ideas, but are they getting noticed?

You can build, change and reinforce beliefs with a great idea. A great idea can rewrite history and might even make the difference between your business' success and its failure.

If your ideas aren't sticking, are they bad ideas or could they be presented more effectively?

presentation skills training
Therein lies the problem.

Your team isn't confident in their ability to present ideas.

70% of the workforce wants to improve their presentation skills. Not everyone is born with excellent communication skills, but your whole team is likely required to present. In fact, 95% of business leaders predict they'll be responsible for a high-stakes presentation within the next 30 days.

There are so many barriers to successful presentations, it's no wonder the workforce lacks confidence:

Who Is Presentation Skills Training For?

It's for teams who want to:


Gain Buy-In

For their important initiatives



As leaders in modern businesses


Alleviate Dependence

On slide decks that are holding them back


Transform Their Work

With persuasive storytelling techniques

Ready to improve your team's idea sell-in rate?

Choose Presentation Skills Training Wisely

There are plenty of presentation coaches out there. Making a choice can be difficult, so please weigh your options carefully, keeping the following in mind:

Ineffective Presentation Training Courses Are:

The Best Presentation Skills Workshops Are:

Theoretical. While it's best to ground the curriculum in cognitive science, your team deserves more than the "why" behind effective presentations. Practical. Every attendee should have the opportunity to workshop a real-life example of a high-stakes presentation.
Lofty. Why expose your team to presentation skills training they'll struggle to grasp? Down to Earth. Business presentation training should be grounded in application, not up in the clouds.
Therapy. Your team should attend this workshop if they need to improve their technical skills. If they need to be psychoanalyzed, there's probably a better way to spend a day. Interactive. While moderated by a great coach, your team should bring their real-world projects as content.
A Boondoggle. There are enough distractions from professional development. Devote time to improving your team's presentation skills, and work on your golf game later. A Bootcamp. You and your team should leave the workshop with improved skills beyond what you're working with today, and the ability to apply them to any important presentation.

An Effective Presentation Workshop

You'll know presentation training is successful when your team agrees with the following criteria:

I've crafted my Story
I've crafted my Story

The most effective presentation skills training revolves around familiar, well-told stories. It's how humans have preferred to communicate for millennia. Tell a provocative story that resonates with audiences of all sizes, and lasts longer than any deck could ever dream to live.

I know my Audience
I know my Audience

Want to improve your communication skills? Learn to establish empathy with your audience. When you know what motivates them, what they fear and how they might resist your idea, you can deliver a narrative that moves them to take action. A successful workshop is built around a deep understanding of your audience.

I understand my Environment
I understand my Environment

Where will you present? At what time will you present? How will you create the most persuasive atmosphere? Effective communication skills training will teach you how to reinforce your story and use the environment to your advantage.

I understand Myself
I understand Myself

You are the medium for your idea. Not your slides. Not your leave-behind. How well do you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter? A great presentation coach will show you how you can improve the opportunity areas and leverage what makes you memorable.

Customize a curriculum for your team around these four elements of a successful presentation.

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